Permission & Regulations Applications

Building Regulations Application

Surrey Design Studio can apply for building regulations approval via either a Local Authority or private ‘building control body’ (BCB) on our Clients behalf. Typically, a full plan application is required for most projects to ensure plans comply with minimum standards for design, construction and alterations. We will submit all structural design calculations, drawings, specifications and where necessary, calculations for thermal and water consumption, for consideration by the building control team. We would expect approval that our plans comply with Building Regulations 2010 requirements within 5 weeks. For smaller projects, a building notice application may be all that is required in which case the application is ‘accepted’ when the building regulation requirements have been met on site.

Planning Permission Application

We can apply for planning permission on behalf of our Client. This includes submitting the planning permission application and supporting documents including location plan and site (block) plans showing the site area and its surrounding context and the proposed development in detail. If required, we can also produce a design and access statement that outlines the design principles and concepts that have been applied to the proposed development and how issues relating to access to the development have been dealt with. As well as fulfilling standard national planning requirements, we will also supply any specific documentation that is required by the local planning authority to accompany the application. All necessary consents will be considered and depending on the size and scope of the project these may include listed building consent, freeholder consent for leasehold properties or Highways approval. We will advise on and liaise with any required consultants for example structural engineers, a party wall surveyors and approved inspectors.