Contractor Selection

When you are undertaking a build, you must choose competent building contractors so that they can successfully translate the plan of what you want into reality, while sticking to both your time scale and budget. We have a lot of experience and knowledge about what it takes to deliver high quality builds to our clients and can help them through the Contractor Selection Phase. No matter what the client’s requirements, or how unique the design is, there will be building contractors who will be able to carry out the work to a high standard successfully.

We Do All the Administration For You

The process that you go through to select a contractor is called ‘tendering.’ To ensure it goes well, we can prepare the tender documentation, and then make sure that it is distributed to contractors with a proven reputation. Once they have received the tender documentation, contractors will then submit a tender, which is an offer to carry out the works.

The process will be well managed, and we will ensure that contractor submissions are consistent so that the quotes received can be compared.

So that our clients know they have chosen the right contractor, we will help them to prepare criteria so that they can shortlist and interview the contractors before they make a final decision on who to appoint to undertake the work. The interview can help clients to discover a contractor’s understanding of the unique build, how they would approach it, how enthusiastic they are, and their current workload, amongst other things. All of this information will help clients to find the right contractor for the job.