What is Luxury House Design?

If you are planning to build your dream home, then you should consider using a luxury house design company to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

What is Luxury House Design?

Luxury house design is difficult to define due to the subjectiveness of the term luxury to each individual. What a person deems as luxury will be based on or influenced by their personal feelings, tastes, and opinions. We believe that luxury home design can be distinguished by the following attributes.

Attention to detail

The level of detail applied to the finish of the design is one of the biggest differences between standard and luxury houses. This is particularly important in aspects such as plastering, door frames, skirting boards, and plastering. The highest quality finish is obtained with professional equipment and modern technology, such as a painting spray gun that guarantees even coverage.

More input into the design

A luxury home will have creative input from the client to ensure it matches their taste, lifestyle and functional desires. This includes the size, room layout, and aesthetics. A standard design would see home builders opt for basic layouts and aesthetics that are cost-effective.

Creating an experience

The design and aesthetics of a room can prompt feelings and create an experience for the occupant. By strategically using design elements to produce a connection, the occupant becomes immersed in a narrative. A fantastic example of this would be a feature wall with bold and provocative artwork.

Consistency from room to room

A well-planned design will have consistency from one room to the next. This creates a cohesive aesthetic that also feels unique. Each design element should complement another and flow effortlessly throughout the entire space. The consistency does not need to be obvious – such as colours – but instead the lines, shapes, rhythms and repetition that the experience provides.

Comfort and convenience

A truly luxurious house will look incredible while also ensuring comfort and convenience for the occupant. Many people traditionally associate luxury with extravagance, but modern luxury sees the design evoke feelings of nurturement and comfort. The appliances and furnishings should also be convenient, meeting the lifestyle requirements of the person living there.


Luxury House Design by Surrey Design Studio

Surrey Design Studio is dedicated to working with clients every step of the way – from the original concept stage through to the finished design that satisfies the brief. We have the experience of producing high end and bespoke residential projects, maximising budget without risking the quality.

We understand that when you are constructing your home, a design and build package complete with interior design makes the process considerably easier. Our interior design service focuses on providing personalised interior design so that your home matches your tastes and lifestyle. The experts at Surrey Design Studio will handle the entire process, from the lighting to bespoke furniture pieces and overall layout.


If you are looking for a luxury architect and interior design service, we would love to hear from you. For more information on our servicesget in touch today on 01737 931330