What Drawings Do I Need for Planning Permission

If you want to make a Planning Application, you must possess the following:

  • The essential plans of the site
  • A completed form
  • The necessary supporting documents
  • A precise fee

It is always wise to contact a planning officer to help you make an informed decision before submitting your application. Also, note some local planning officers usually charge for this service. 

If you opt to apply online, your local planning authority will automatically receive your application once you submit it. The mandatory supporting documents are necessary for the local planning authority to process your application.

You can also include any other important document that you think will help determine your application. It is crucial to note that the file type or size may limit the online submission of supporting information.

If you encounter this challenge, you should provide the information in a hardcopy or electronically, for instance, using a CD or USB storage device. The hardcopy forms should be in three copies in addition to the original document.

In these situations, the LPA notifies the applicants when they are certified they have received all the necessary documents. 

Your local authority may possess the means for the provision of supporting info. Therefore, it is crucial to enquire with them before submitting the information.

Mandatory documents have two levels; local and national. If you opt for an online application, the service will notify you of the required documentation you have to provide. It also allows you to attach the essential documents.

Mandatory Documents For Planning Permission

National Requirements

Minimally, the following documents are required for your planning application to be valid:

  • The regular application form
  • Various planning application needs two plans to be presented as supporting documentation:
  1. Location plan. This indicates the site location and its surroundings. It is purchased online from the official supplier of the Planning Portal. You can either purchase it as part of the application procedure or separately as an attached application.
  2. Site Plan. It is also known as the block plan. It indicates the proposed development in specifics, and you can purchase it from the accredited supplier of the Portal.
  • A possession certificate A, B, C, or D gets completed to affirm the property ownership.
  • Agricultural holdings permit. The permit is necessary whether the site comprises agricultural holding or not. Additionally, you should inform all agricultural tenants before the submission of the application.
  • Design and access statement (if necessary). This statement should indicate the design concepts and principles applied to the planned development and how to handle matters linked to the development access.
  • Precise application charge. You can use the Portal’s fee calculator to calculate the exact fee.

Local-Level Requirements For Planning Permission

Additionally, your local planning authority may produce a list that outlines any specific documents needed to accompany your application. The necessities vary based on your application types, such as full, household, outline, and many others.

If you opt for an online application, the list is available from the supporting documents screen. You can also find the local necessities on the applicable LPA’s website.