What are design drawings?

When it comes to construction, meticulous planning is essential to the success of the project. A range of drawings in the planning stages exist, such as assembly, component, concept, electrical, engineering and installation drawings. Another, design drawings, are some of the most significant and occur right at the beginning of planning.

What are design drawings?

Design drawings are aesthetic renderings that are intended to portray the ideas of a client and intent of the designer. A design drawing is the very first step in the design phase, with the early stages witnessing the design team demonstrating their ability to undertake the clients design.

From here, the team will develop and communicate a brief, assess potential sites and begin work on the approved idea. A range of individuals are usually involved with the preparation, including contractors, engineers, builders and suppliers once the architects and designers have communicated their concepts and vision.

What are design drawings used for?

They are used to develop and communicate ideas regarding a developing design. They may develop over time as the design process progresses and more decisions regarding space, colour and texture are made.

They are used for a variety of projects such as new construction, remodels, and home additions. The drawing will be used by the architect to communicate the design to contractors and those operating in the building phase.

What is included in the design drawings?

Design drawings commonly include interior and exterior elevations, alongside interior and exterior 3D renderings. Floor plans, site plans and a design layout are also featured with aesthetic elements such as colour, texture and material incorporated throughout. This will help to provide the client with an overall look and feel of the construction, therefore making it easier for alterations to be communicated and actioned accordingly.

Design drawings with Surrey Design Studio

Surrey Design Studio is committed to working with clients from the concept stage of their projects to delivering immaculate designs that fully meet the requirements of the brief. We are experienced in delivering modern and traditional builds that are sympathetic to the surrounding environment and in keeping with the existing structure as well as complete transformation, or a mix of both. Our experience means we can work with our clients to inspire ideas for high end, and bespoke residential projects, demonstrating how to maximise budget to its full potential without compromising quality. Working with an architect who has the knowledge and experience of successful construction projects assists clients to avoid wasting time and money on impractical designs and achieve the best scheme.

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