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The architectural drawings are the backbone of any building’s design and successful completion. Reigate architects, Surrey Design Studio, offer a bespoke architectural design service that can allow your dream project to become a reality. What exactly are architectural drawings, what are the different types, and how can we help you?

What are Architectural Drawings?

An architectural drawing is a technical drawing that visually communicates how a building and its elements will function and appear when it has been built. They are the starting point to any building project that include every detail, big and small, for the build to be completed successfully.

They contain floor plans, sections, sizes and units of measurements alongside significant references and annotations. There are different drawing styles, including by hand, computer generated imagery, and computer aided design. Correct drawings will allow you to schedule specific budgets for the build, while allowing for easier planning of exact items and materials needed to complete the work.

Types of Architectural Drawings

There are four main types of architectural drawings:

  • Survey drawings that represent a measured and accurate record of the existing site and buildings currently there.
  • Presentation drawings are used to communicate an idea or scheme through the use of shadows, textures, people and vegetation.
  • Record drawings, created to understand existing projects.
  • Working drawings that are used in the construction process include location, assembly and component drawings.

Some of the key working drawings that are essential to starting work on a project build include the floor plans, site plans, elevation plans, cross section plants, detail drawings, and electrical drawings.

Our Architectural Drawings Service in Reigate

Our architectural design service in Reigate and other Surrey locations promises to address the client’s need for bespoke house design. Our expert architects take the time to fully immerse themselves in the brief and understand the goals, needs, and wants of the client. We want to help clients to create something unique that not only looks incredible but also provides for the lifestyle that they want. We take the budget, site and wishes into account to provide our service.

Why work with Reigate Architects Surrey Design Studio

Surrey Design Studio works to create a clients dream home. When you choose our architecture design service, you will benefit from a team of expert designers and architects who are experienced, creative and professional. We use 3D CAD modelling to help you visualise the design of your home, and will continue to make the necessary adjustments until you are happy with the design, both practicality and aesthetically. Surrey Design Studio fully meets the brief while also providing inspiration. Our service creates the technical drawings and concepts required to build your home, providing clear instructions for construction.

If you are seeking advice about your architectural drawings or would like more information on our architectural design services, get in touch today on 01737 931330