Interior Design: How to Maximise Space

How to Maximise Space

If you’re not an experienced interior designer, it can be difficult to come up with ideas to design small living spaces in a way that maximises the area and make it feel much bigger than it actually is. With small space design, you can implement space-smart solutions to overcome this challenge.

The interior design experts at Surrey Design Studio have rounded up some ideas to get the most out of every square foot you have.


Use reflective surfaces

We’re starting with the oldest trick in the book: use mirrors to make your space feel larger, lighter and airier. You can also try other reflective surfaces to achieve a similar effect and avoid overloading on mirrors. For example, selecting high shine materials like glossy tiles will allow light to bounce off and produce a similar airier effect.



Creative room division

The absence of doors or proper division between areas of the living space can either help or hinder the design of a smaller area depending on Pocket doors are a perfect example as they allow for shared light to flow throughout the space while also creating that necessary separation.


Maximise the floor space

One of the biggest contributing factors to a small room feeling cluttered is having very little floor space free to move around on. To avoid the crowded feel, maximise your floor space by selecting furniture that takes up little room or that can be swapped out for a wall or ceiling alternative. For example, try wall shelves rather than standing shelves and wall or ceiling lights rather than standing lamps. Our personal favourite is to buy houseplants and hang them from the ceiling rather than purchasing solo-standing alternatives.

You can even “double-up” by purchasing multipurpose furniture that can serve two functions – like a coffee table that could also be a chair or a sofa that unfolds into a double bed. You’ll have to look around for these, but there are some fantastic double-up furniture items on the market.

Wall Shelving


Let in the natural light

A room’s lighting is essential to making it look bigger than it really is – particularly if the room has little natural light or low ceilings. Make sure your windows aren’t hidden behind anything, such as a bookshelf. If your windows are small or you have too few of them to light up a room naturally, opt for brighter lights and consider your room’s colour scheme carefully. White walls reflect light while darker colours absorb it.


Smart storage

Smarter storage systems do a better job of optimising capacity, which will be crucial when designing for a smaller room. There are multipurpose furniture items that also double as storage, such as sofas and tables that have discreet drawers for you to put your belongings in. Keeping all your belongings in a specific storage area will also help prevent clutter from building up and making your rooms feel crowded.

Multipurpose Furniture


Interior design with Surrey Design Studio

Surrey Design Studio offers an interior design service that helps clients to achieve the desired look of their home. We focus on delivering personalised interiors so that your home works for your lifestyle.

You can package it together with your construction project for a more straightforward process. Our team of experts will take care of everything from the lighting in your home and bespoke furniture to the fundamentals of how each space is laid out. You receive the complete package by benefitting from our interior design service.

From our team of expert craftsmen to our technology specialists, we are here to design and implement your interiors to your tastes and specifications.


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