Architects in Surrey: 7 Steps To Your Dream Home

Architects in Surrey

Surrey is unique for having a large amount of residential properties and a plentiful supply of opportunities to build and rebuild. Surrey Design Studio, Architects in Surrey, offer a bespoke architectural design service that can turn your dream home or project into a reality.


Our 7 step architectural process

Our 7 step process takes you through the architectural design process from start to finish.

1. Discovery

The first step in creating your dream home or project is to meet for an initial, no-obligation ‘Discovery’ meeting with our Company Director. Here, we will discuss what you hope to achieve from the design, as well as potential ideas for viable schemes.

2. Concept

When you have decided to appoint Surrey Design Studios to produce the designs, the next stage is Concept. Our team will fully immerse in the brief to understand exactly what the client is trying to achieve. From here, we will prepare the initial designs and accompanying drawings and budget estimates, all while collaborating with the client to assess the potential options. We use 3D CAD modelling to visualise the design and layout, working iteratively to produce a final design that is both practical and inspiring.

3. Planning

At this stage, a thorough measured survey of the existing property is undertaken, while detailed planning drawings and the supporting documentation is produced with local authority planning criteria and feedback taken into account.

We are then able to submit a planning permission application on your behalf, and advise on any additional surveys that may be required to satisfy the criteria. Our aim is to ensure the planning submission meets all the requirements to ensure the process is as smooth and as quick as possible.

Surrey Architect Drawings

4. Technical drawings

Once the planning permission has been granted, we can then move on to producing a detailed technical drawing that includes the roof plans, floor plans, and elevations. These drawings are essential for gaining Building Regulation approval and ensuring the construction contractors are able to accurately quote for the work. No detail will be missed from these drawings, with input from external specialists such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers.

5. Contractor selection

Selecting the best contractor for you and your project is critical to successfully translating the scheme from plan to building, within the time frame and budget. With our knowledge and experience of construction best practice, we are able to support our clients through this contractor selection phase and find them the perfect match. We can prepare all the tender documentation, and distribute the reputable proven contractors to allow them to submit tenders for the work.

We will ensure the process is being well managed and that the contractor submissions remain consistent, to enable a level playing field for the comparison of quotes. Our team assists in preparing criteria to allow for the client to interview and shortlist the contractors. You will then make your final decision as to which contractor you would like to formally appoint to undertake the build.

6. Contract administration

If you wish to continue with our services through to the administration of the building contract, Surrey Design Studio can act on your behalf to ensure that the construction phase is managed exceptionally, and is compliant with the necessary building contract and specifications. We would monitor the project progress and quality against the plan, ensuring that momentum is trained and delays to the timetable are avoided.

Any request for payment is first validated by us and checked against the work completed. At the point of practical competition, we would confirm all completion certificates and requirements are achieved, and final balances of payment are correct and paid in accordance with the contract terms.

7. Construction

The final stage to creating your dream home is the construction. Surrey Design Studio are able to deliver this phase of your project for clients that are looking for a complete end to end solution.


The best Architects in Surrey

If you’re considering a residential architectural project in Surrey, we’re here to help, whether it’s a renovation, extension or new-build.

When you choose our Surrey architects service, you will be benefitting from a team of expert designers and architects who are knowledgable, creative and professional. We use 3D CAD modelling to help you visualise the design of your home, and will continue to make the necessary adjustments until you are happy with the design, both practicality and aesthetically. Surrey Design Studio fully meets the brief while also providing inspiration. Our service creates the technical drawings and concepts required to build your home, providing clear instructions for construction.


If you are seeking advice about your architectural drawings or would like more information on our architectural design services, get in touch today on 01737 931330