Architects Guildford

Surrey Design Studio is a team of passionate and highly-skilled individuals that provides a full architectural service. We cover all aspects of the process including designs, planning drawings, contractor selection and budget estimation. Our goal is to provide a complete architectural service to clients in and around Guildford for their construction projects.

Our team approaches every project individually. We understand that each client has different expectations and budget constraints, hence why we tailor our services to the needs of each client that we work with. If you’d like to learn more about our architectural services in Guildford, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

End to End Service Architects in Guildford

Our team provides a complete architectural service to all clients. We cover all elements including the architectural process, hiring skilled contractors, applying for planning permission and even assisting with interior design. Our team of architects in Guildford work together with our in-house quantity surveyors, project managers and construction teams to streamline the entire process. This affords us many substantial benefits:

  • A cohesive team leads to a productive and efficient service.
  • We avoid impractical designs and instead focus on your personal needs and budget constraints to deliver the best end results.
  • It leads to opportunities for value engineering and procurement choices to meet budgets
  • The entire process from design to completion is managed by our team of specialists
  • We can utilize innovative and environmentally-friendly practices and technologies to make the most of your space.

Budget Estimation Guildford

Are you looking for assistance with estimating your budget for the design and construction process? If so, you can always count on the team here at Surrey Design Studio. We have many years of experience when it comes to preparing accurate construction estimates for projects of all natures.

Construction estimation is imperative. Estimators will not be able to submit a bid for a project or begin to work on it if they have not got an accurate estimation. You need to know the materials that are going to be required before you can bid on a project. Providing this data results in the contractor being able to submit an accurate quote. This takeoff is critical when it comes to estimating your budget, and ensuring that it is accurate.

Interior Architects Guildford

You also need to ensure that you consider the interior design of your build project. Don’t leave this until the last minute. Doing this during the property design stage is imperative because you will have a blank canvas and you can see the full picture. 

We have a team of experts who can handle all elements of interior design for you, whether this is sourcing bespoke furniture or ensuring that your property is perfectly lit. 

From technology specialists to experts in joinery, we have experts to rely on for all elements of interior design, giving you complete peace of mind.

Planning Drawings Guildford

We also offer planning drawings in Guildford and the surrounding areas for any construction project you may be running. You can file your planning application without delay, as we ensure drawings are produced efficiently.

There are many reasons why planning drawings may be required. The most obvious is when you are applying for planning permission from your local council. 

However, drawings are also imperative in terms of acting as a communication tool between the architecture and the client. They ensure the vision is communicated properly and everyone is on the same page before the build proceeds.

Building Contractors Guildford

When you are carrying out any sort of build, one of the most critical ingredients is making sure you have experienced building contractors so that they are able to make your vision a reality. You need contractors who have a reputation for delivering on-time and on-budget.

We can assist you through this process, helping you to select the contractor that is going to be right for your specific build.

Measured Surveys Guildford

We also provide a measured building survey service, which enables us to create a detailed plan for any existing building. This will include sections, floor plans, and elevations. 

The main reason to get this sort of survey is so you have a detailed overview of the current building. However, the reason for wanting this can differ. Some homeowners use this so they are able to put together an efficient safety plan. 

There are then people who require this service for efficient planning of space, refurbishment projects, or structural redevelopment. No matter your requirements, we can deliver.