Architects Esher

Surrey Design Studio offers a full architectural service, providing clients in Surrey with a seamless, hassle-free means of updating properties, discovering innovative living solutions and revamping existing spaces. If you’re searching for an architect in Esher, we’d love to hear more about your project. 

Bespoke Architect Service in Esher

At Surrey Design Studio, we provide a comprehensive range of services, which covers all aspects of planning, design and construction. Our expert team of Esher architects works closely with our in-house quantity surveyors, designers and project managers to tick every box. From conjuring up original ideas to offering design advice, hiring contractors and providing budget estimations, we offer a seamless design and build package. We have experience in working on a diverse range of projects, and we always relish a challenge!

Budget Estimation Esher

Surrey Design Studio can assist with estimating your budget for your design and construction projects. Throughout the concept stage of build development, we can carry out budget estimations, prepare initial design options, and assist with other key tasks.

Construction estimating is the critical process of budget estimation for your construction project. This is required before you can bid on a project or start work on it. For a project bid to be launched, you need to know what materials are required, including their types and quantities. Supplying this data makes sure the quote from the contractor is accurate. This takeoff is a vital part of the budget estimation process.

Interior Architects Esher

After you have built your new property, expert interior design is a must! Thinking about your interiors is something to do during the design stage of your property, as this enables you to fully envision the results and ensure your dream home! Our experienced team will be able to help you with everything from the layout to choosing bespoke furniture and getting the lighting right.

Planning Drawings Esher

Here at Surrey Design Studio, you can also benefit from planning drawings in Esher for your construction work. We will enable you to quickly produce planning drawings so that your planning application is filed in a timely manner.

Planning drawings are architectural drawings that must be submitted to a local council for planning permission to be approved. Planning permission is sometimes needed to carry out property improvements or construct an extension, as well as to develop a commercial or residential building. 

Planning drawings are a necessity for architects, as well as their clients, as this is how plans are communicated. It ensures everyone is on the same page.

Building Contractors Esher

Competent building contractors are a necessity when undertaking any sort of build. Only experienced professionals can translate your vision into a reality, doing so on-budget and on-time. 

We have plenty of knowledge and experience, knowing what is required to deliver a build that exceeds our clients’ expectations. We can also assist you through the Contractor Selection Phase. 

Irrespective of your specific requirements, we can get the job done. From standard builds to complex and unique designs, our experienced building contractors will be able to ensure the job is done to an excellent standard.

Measured Surveys Esher

We also provide measured building surveys in Esher, which enable surveyors to generate detailed floor plans, as well as elevations and sections of buildings. This sort of survey is beneficial for all sorts of existing buildings, as it can be used for the creation of an accurate picture of the building’s condition and structure. It is often used during the extension or development of a property.

The aim of a measured building survey os to offer detail information regarding a building that exists at present. A measured survey can offer a full record of the property, and it can be utilised when homeowners want to put together a safety plan. You may need this for space planning, refurbishment, or even structural redevelopment.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re on the hunt for residential architects in Esher, you may be wondering why you should choose Surrey Design Studio. We strongly believe that we are the best candidates for your project, as we offer the following benefits:

  1. A stress-free, straightforward process
  2. A bespoke service tailored to your individual needs and preferences
  3. Budget-conscious, practical designs that make the most of every space
  4. A personalised, customer-focused service
  5. Project management from conception to completion
  6. Eco-friendly ideas and construction concepts
  7. Commitment to delivering enduring designs
  8. Problem-solving: we know that there may be challenges linked to planning and budget restraints, environmental factors and individual requirements. We use our creativity, combined with our knowledge and experience to come up with original, effective solutions.

If you’re looking for architects in Esher, why not give us a call today? We can provide you with more information about our services and discuss your project in more detail.